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To assist USA Karate Az with their vision for Karate in AZ.


The parent Advisory Commission has been created to educate and support parents as they embark on their Karate journey, as well as to assist USA Karate Az with their vision for Karate in AZ.

Goals/ Objectives

To collect ideas and the viewpoints of parents who have active and former competitive athletes, compile informational texts and educational meetings for parents, provide guidance for parents in the supportive role they assume, to promote sportsmanship and camaraderie among parents, athletes and Dojos.

Information and Education

Develop a brochure/handout explaining what parents need to know when selecting style and Dojo for their child. This should include a basic on what Karate is, what is “traditional”, what is “American”, why lineage is emphasized, etc.

Explain the Karate “pipeline”, what opportunities there are for their child, benefits, different kinds of programs (USA/NKF, USKK, USKA, AAU, etc).

Offers support to parents as their child transitions from recreational to competitive Karate. A segment on what it takes to be a good Karate parent should also be developed within the guidelines that USA Karate AZ.

Inform parents of the USA Karate’s Safe Sport Program for Coaches and Senseis.

We are actively recruiting parents representatives from each Dojo affiliated with USA Karate Arizona ASO.

For additional information contact Jan Landis at

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